We can help addressing your challenges through

Significant reduction of API dosage for:
  • Reduction or elimination of Adverse Drug Reactions (“ADR”)
  • Pediatric and Neonatal therapiesNew therapies
  • New therapies
    Transport of APIs with low bioavailability.
    Targeted APIs delivery.

    • Efficient crossing of the Blood Brain Barrier
    • Boosting the efficacy of antineoplastic APIs
    • Efficient intracellular therapies
    Metabolic slowdown.
    Optimizing therapies.

    Partnership structuring

    • Licensing
    • Joint development
    • Drug production
    Licensing for market repositioning, boosting market share, line extension and application for new therapies.
    Joint development of new APIs with extended efficiency and application.
    Joint development of new therapies.
    Licensing for market repositioning and increased efficiency.

    Our innovations are pointed towards Unique, Versatile, High Added Value, and Niche Products.