Technology overview

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I-CAN™ Technology

The I-CAN™ abbreviation: Intra-Cell Adhesive Nanocarrier

I-CAN™ Technology is a trade name of proprietary patented* technology and composition integrating the CellInject™ Technology in a specially developed mucoadhesive carrier.

The medium is adhesive to mucus secretions and mucous membranes while the CellInject™ particles are nonadhesive and small bellow 100 nm, thus highly permeable through mucus layers and mucous linings.

Distinct advance of the combination is the longer time for contact of CellInject™ to the site of administration allowing their complete absorption.
What does I-CAN™ stand for
I-CAN™ is constructed to resist the mucociliary clearance and to cover large mucus area with а thin continuous film thus ensuring highest absorption extent of the applied dose CellInject™ particles.
I-CAN™ Therapeutic advantages
I-CAN™ Technology distinguishes with six main therapeutic advantages:

  • High safety, i.e. metabolizable nontoxic composition.

  • Highest level of efficacy.

  • Adjustable duration (depo- effect) up to 10 days.

  • Intracell targeting with “in-cell only” drug release - by integration with the CellInject™ Technology.

  • Highly spreadable after application due to the combination of high adhesivity and low viscosity.

  • Readily sprayable with standard mechanical spray devices.
How does it work

Efficiency of nasal spray forms with established technologies vs I-CAN™ Technology
Horizontal row defines the behavior of the described spray form.
Columns show the differences in medicine delivery over time.

To observe the timeline progression, check any single icon
inside the colored grid.
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What are the applications of I-CAN™
I-CAN™ is applicable to any therapy related to mucosal administration of API. These include nasal, vaginal, rectal, ophthalmic, oral, throat, etc applications.